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Preparing for a visit

When a visit is scheduled at our clinic, we register you for our custom online computer assisted medical history. If you do not have access to a broadband PC, you can take your history in our clinic when you arrive. Our reception staff will make those arrangements with you. Our objective is to obtain a very detailed medical profile to provide you with the best service.

We will also send you a few papers to fill out and bring with you.

Needless to say, bring all materials with you to the first visit with us. Sometimes this involves personally getting your medical records from other physicians and usually you need to physically pick up your x-ray films or CD of scanning. Remember, doctor's offices can send us written reports from your scans or x-rays but the actual images are stored where they were taken. You need to sign these out, they usually do not mail them. To avoid having the materials get lost, please do NOT have them mailed to us. We are pleased to have copies of your medical records mailed or faxed to us and we will store them until you come in.


  • Significant other, especially if they can add more information as an eyewitness
  • Parent or legal guardian if you are under 18 yrs of age
  • Copies of your most recent medical records. Please call your physician to be sure they were sent or bring them in personally. We cannot provide optimal care without the proper communication. Please specify that they send us copies of the actual progress notes rather than only a collection of test reports.
  • All x-ray films, MRI films, CT scans etc. We prefer the actual CD's over films and written reports are also helpful. Please hand carry these items... remember, no one will mail these films because of the expense and we will not mail them back.
  • Please bring lists of all medications used now as well as in the past. Many pharmacies will provide a complete printout of prescriptions upon request.
  • Referral forms or authorizations from your referring physician if you are coming through an HMO, PPO or insurance company that requires a "gatekeeper" to send you..
  • Do not assume that we have automatically received your records, if there is question, check with your referring physician's office. It is wise to call us a few days before the appointment to see if any useful records have arrived.
  • Please be sure you have completed your online history at least 48hrs before your appointment.
  • Please arrive at our office 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time so we can get the necessary paperwork out of the way.

*** Please do not wear perfume or use scented soaps or lotions before your appointments as many of our patients have sensitivities to these scents. ***